Welcome to  the Home Page of Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides, Inc. (PNER)


        PNER is a registered non-profit corporation, organized exclusively for educational purposes within the meaning of 501 © 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Its purposes and objectives include (1) to promote equestrian endurance events within the Pacific Northwest Region of the USA (the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, western Montana), and the Canadian Province of British Columbia, (2) to provide for the recording and publication of scientific data relating to the condition and performance of horses during recognized events, (3) to encourage the recreational use of trails on the public lands in the Pacific Northwest region, (4) to disseminate historical information relating to trails, and (5) to cooperate with State and Federal agencies, which have jurisdiction over public lands and resources.

        PNER was formed in1973 by endurance ride managers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, and later expanded to include western Montana (west of the Continental Divide) and British Columbia. Many of PNER’s senior members have three- and four-digit AERC membership numbers! We are very fortunate here in the Northwest to have many dedicated ride managers and experienced endurance vets, who work very hard to make the ride experience fun and safe for both riders and horses. Many of the rides have beautiful and varied scenery, with all levels of difficulty. If you like to ride your horse in some of the most beautiful and remote areas of the Northwest, then PNER and endurance riding may just be the sport for you. Basically it’s you and your horse against the trail of the day. The endurance motto, “to finish is to win” lives on in our PNER members and their trusty steeds.

        For official ride results and ride schedule, please refer to your PNER member handbook and monthly newsletter ( wonderful benefits to becoming a PNER member).

        Ride results in the newsletter are permanent 30 days after publication. Please report any discrepancies within that 30 days to the points secretary.